Idea stolen from @sarahramos and @tavi to further delay essay writing.
  1. 'I'd Lie'
    Oldie. First one I ever knew by heart. Ultimate secret crushing t-swift era. 'I don't think it ever crossed his mind/he tells a joke, I fake a smile/that I know all his favourite songs'.
  2. Hey Steven.
    Almost purely because it had the most scandalous secret message on the album jacket.
  3. Love Story.
    Me and my brother used to do our homework in the same room just so we could listen to this on repeat. My dad sobbed the first time he heard it. Obvs.
  4. Blank Space.
    Because it makes me feel like a confident grown up lady.
  5. Mean.
    Best song about bullies of all the times.
  6. The Best Day.
    Still can't listen to this unless my mum is within hugging distance.
  7. Out of the Woods.
    Makes me feel I can do things and achieve things.
  8. We are never ever getting back together.
    A perfect pop song.
  9. Tim McGraw.
  10. You Belong With Me.