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These are amaaaazing!!!!
  1. 🤑
    It's like...same
  2. 🤔
    Me irl always so many questions
  3. 🤖
    This is going to become a real staple. A. Real. Staple.
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You kids. Get off my lawn.
  1. Vaping
    Blowing blueberry air. Cool!
  2. What trap music is
    EDM generally confuses me. Is dubstep a thing still?
  3. All those models that are famous
    Who are you?
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These are all the streets I've lived on throughout my life - in order. Most of them were total crap but good times.
  1. Swift Ave - San Diego, CA
    The house where I was born. I wasn't actually born IN the house.
  2. Field Ct - San Diego, CA
    The house where I spent the bulk of my young years
  3. Law St - San Diego, CA
    My grandmas house where I have lived several times during parts of my life. Mostly my teenage years.
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Keep in mind - I just moved across the country and it was my birthday
  1. Sunglasses
    They are Ray Ban Wayfarers in a really cool drawstring bag that I got from my dad when he got Oakleys.
  2. Wallet
    There's no money in it.
  3. A maxi pad
    Maximum pad for the maximum gal!
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There are so many fantastic moments from "The Room" but alas I must narrow it down. This list is in no particular order.
  1. Chris R
    So all the sudden we find out Denny is a habitual drug user and he has let his payments lapse with his drug dealer, who goes unnamed until the credits roll-it is here we find out his name is Chris R. Then he threatens him with a gun and then it's up to Tommy and "oh hi Mark" to wrestle the gun from him. Then he disappears.
  2. That random guy at the party scene at the end who "feels like he's waiting for an atomic bomb to go off"
    he says that Lisa lying about being pregnant is going to destroy their friend group but like, are you even in the friend group bro?
  3. When Tommy wants psychological advice from his psychologist friend then five seconds later he's like "why are you always being a psychologist with us?"
    It's like...you asked. Also, did the psychologist die from the injuries he sustained when he fell in the alley playing football? Did they just leave his body there? So many questions.
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