There are so many fantastic moments from "The Room" but alas I must narrow it down. This list is in no particular order.
  1. Chris R
    So all the sudden we find out Denny is a habitual drug user and he has let his payments lapse with his drug dealer, who goes unnamed until the credits roll-it is here we find out his name is Chris R. Then he threatens him with a gun and then it's up to Tommy and "oh hi Mark" to wrestle the gun from him. Then he disappears.
  2. That random guy at the party scene at the end who "feels like he's waiting for an atomic bomb to go off"
    he says that Lisa lying about being pregnant is going to destroy their friend group but like, are you even in the friend group bro?
  3. When Tommy wants psychological advice from his psychologist friend then five seconds later he's like "why are you always being a psychologist with us?"
    It's asked. Also, did the psychologist die from the injuries he sustained when he fell in the alley playing football? Did they just leave his body there? So many questions.
  4. When Tommy says "they already put my ideas into practice"
  5. "Mi underwearz"
    That scene that spiky haired guy who looks like he was in one of those failed Lou Pearlman boy band projects admits he was trying to have sex with his girlfriend in Tommy and Lisa's apartment but when Lisa and her mom walked in he was so startled that he forgot "his underwearz." My big question is how did he even get "his underwearz" off over his pants.
  6. When Lisa keeps suggesting that everyone go get some fresh air.
    Lisa wants to clear the room of her party guests so she is free to mack on Mark freely. Obvi.
  7. The scene with Mark and Johnny running in the park throwing the football to each other.
    "You doing bay to breakers this year?"
  8. The hospital on Guerrero St.
    For one, it's not even there. It's revealed in "The Disaster Artist" that this is an ad-libbed nod to Tommy's real life San Francisco home where Greg Sestero (Mark) became acquainted with Tommy. Details. Anyway, Mark tells a harrowing story of abuse and Tommy replies "hahaha what a funny story Mark." #unclear