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  1. Amount of money spent at Starbucks
  2. Number of times I've avoided death
  3. Amount of time spent trying to find the quickest way to do something
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  1. Topaz (green, pink, Amber...)
    Balancing and calming
  2. Green amethyst
    Unfortunately it fades
  3. Amethyst
    Happiness and peace
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  1. His lips
    He has the warmest and softest list take make me melt.
  2. His eyes
    I could stare into his eyes all day. Sometimes they are blue and sometimes green. They are deep and full of love and caring.
  3. He is cuddly
    We are a perfect fit for spooning. His strong arms feel great to hold me. He's comfortable to lay on top of.
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  1. UMelt - Providence
    Grilled cheese
  2. Iron Town Diner - Saugus
  3. Ball Square Cafe - Somerville
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