These are the names of the neighbors I've met-and liked-at my current apartment complex.
  1. Lloyd
    His name might actually be Floyd but I can't remember. He's in his 60s and he's so nice. He mostly quit smoking so I don't see him as much anymore, but when I do it's a delight. He tells me things like, "you are so kind, I enjoy seeing you." It warms my heart.
  2. Jack
    Jack is into music. He considered going to grad school for music and also met up with Dave Matthews Band to see if he could intern with them as a producer. He once stopped by and told me that his mom told him to give some of her lightly worn boots to his friends since she didn't want them any more. He told me he didn't have any girl friends. He gave them both to me.
  3. Richard
    Richard is a master gardener. I saw his apartment garden for a whole year before I met him, but now I've run into him several times and this is what I know: he moved to Texas from California after 20 or 30+ because his family lives near Dallas, and he wanted to be closer to them. He used to work for the coastal commission, making sure that everyone in California had a way to enjoy the beautiful coast they have. He wishes that people these days would take time to stop and smell the roses.
  4. Lisa
    Lisa is new. She bought so many plants she had to buy some balcony planters just to have enough room for them. That's all I know about Lisa.