1. She who burns at the steak must like her meat raw 5/25/14
  2. Lasagna as a comedy device was popularized by Garfield but not truly canonized in the industry until the invention of set props and "scenes set in kitchens." 5/25/14
  3. liquor everywhere. A sea of booze and malcontent. An orgy of alcoholism and Saturday night football. 5/25/14
  4. Saying "Winter is Coming" is oddly colorimetrically accurate 5/26/14
  5. Patrick Stuart's Twitter picture is of him in a ball pit and I can't think of anything more terrifying right now than sitting in a dark room while Patrick Stewart slowly rolls out of a ball pit on his side chanting the theme from Interstellar in a monotonous voice. 5/27/14
  6. everytime I look at the moon i see an overweight peanut wearing a really tight sports coat 5/27/14
  7. I'm trying really hard not to see this peanut 5/27/14