Inspired by @alyssapoliti
  1. This is a great topic. For a lot of the chefs below who have restaurants, I have tasted their creations in a general sense, from Vegas to Cleveland to NYC. But we're talking the real deal here. A great day follows...
  2. A.M. Bobby Flay
    I've eaten at Mesa Grill in Vegas a handful of times and BBP once, but obvi never with him at the helm. I get the baggage around celebrity and not bringing breakthrough advances in culinary arts, yadda yadda. But I think he packs FLAVOR (!) and layers and harmonies in a unique and fork-dropping way. Love the heat too. I feel I learned sauces from him. I'll start my day with Huevos Rancheros, Chiles Relleno, and a small side burger with impulsive toppings, and call it brunch. Maybe a mimosa too.
  3. Afternoon: Giada Delaurentiis
    Luckily for my wife we are hitched securely, else I would be chasing down Giada like a crazy man. Big Smile + Cleavage + Italian Culinary Skillz = winner. Ironically she's probably 'dated' Bobby. We ate at her Vegas place (and saw her there!), and it was surprisingly wonderful (thought she might just be "all TV"). I'd like her to make a fresh pasta with homemade tom sauce and a creative veg presentation. Plus cheeses. And a lovely glass (ok bottle) of Brunello di Montalcino. I call it: lunch.
  4. Later Afternoon: Mike Symon
    The chef I'd most like to hang with day in day out, and I'm sure his Q Ratings bear that out for most Americans watching Food Network over the past 10 years. We had great stuff at his Cleveland place and a nice burger chain too. An afternoon snack of meats would be great. Maybe a small plates offering with a Greek gyro reinvented, a fresh sausage of some sort, and a pork something or other well smoked. He would have to join the meal too. A nice midwestern ale would pair well.
  5. Dinner: Julia Child
    I'm pulling from the past here, but it would be bucket-listable to taste the quintessential beef bourguignone or maybe her coq au vin, or hell, just a simple beef stew and some french potatoes. Big thick red bordeaux to go with it. Am I allowed to invite Jacques Pepin to join us? Of course I am. I'd like his narration.
  6. Here's Jacques
    Maybe he could join the whole day??
  7. Evening: Anthony Bourdain
    To finish the day, with a hypothetically bottomless stomach, I'd like to hang with AB for drinks and eats and stories and political discourse. Could be in my kitchen or his; either way he can just whip up delicious savory tidbits out of what's on hand -- like what he would make back-of-house for the staff. I have lots of bourbon to work with too. Also, I almost forgot to mention, I've invited Padma Lakshmi to join us ... and she's accepted!
  8. Did I mention Tony's and my guest:
  9. Honorable Mentions (or Day 2!!)
    Thomas Keller (Croque Madame and a bowl of mussels for brunch, avec baguette), Jamie Oliver (local, seasonal fresh prep for lunch), Michael Mina (dinner part 1 -- seafood!!!), and Tom Colicchio (dinner part 2 -- beef!!!).
  10. Buon appetito!