Inspired by @jpbateson
  1. Ohio
    snapshot of my neighbor's backyard koi pond
  2. Michigan
    getting ice cream sandwiches during the five minute break at the pool across the street from our neighborhood
  3. Pennsylvania
    snowboarding from the top of the hill that housed our neighborhood through four backyards over and over again on days off school
  4. Indiana
    driving hours and hours on corn-lined highways in the passenger seat of my dad's car (trunk stuffed with food for football tailgates)
  5. New York
    eating lemon shaved ice on the high line with my summer camp friends
  6. California
    touring San Fran's Chinatown with my mom on a Stanford college visit trip
  7. West Virginia
    getting ice cream at a rest stop while moving to Indiana with my dad and one of our dogs
  8. Florida
    picking up shells, pinecones, and rocks on walks around our grandparents' winter neighborhood and watching the olympics in their living room
  9. Georgia
    eating PF Changs in the Atlanta airport
  10. Illinois
    eating Ed Debevic's in Chicago
  11. DC
    reading 9/11 headlines in the journalism newseum
  12. Massachusetts
    racing up thirteen flights of hotel stairs with a close guy friend on the second night of a journalism conference (which was clogging the elevators) to make sure my best friend got back to our room okay, immediately followed by my first kiss with said guy
  13. New Jersey
    rescuing my mom's college friend's kid after he fell into their pool
  14. Texas
    visiting childhood friends in Katy and having chocolate cream of wheat for breakfast at their house
  15. Kentucky
    snapshot of my cousin's graduation party and those little mints my mom used to serve at bunco night
  16. Virginia
    snapshot of my great uncle's house and literally nothing else