best breakfast foods, ranked

  1. 17.
    cream of wheat
    sorry but ??? why does this exist
  2. 16.
    ditto but dino egg oatmeal is my childhood
  3. 15.
    fruit bowl
    you're lying if you say this fills you up (same with toast)
  4. 14.
    love it but you need actual sustenance in the morning
  5. 13.
    tbh this is a great snack but it's really high calorie for morning and doesn't really add protein or anything to your diet
  6. 12.
    they're fine I guess. the continental breakfast kind are sketchy tho
  7. 11.
    sausage patties
    taste good sometimes but does anyone know what's in these actually
  8. 10.
    pretty solid choice depending on place
  9. 9.
    pros: amazing. cons: high calorie, gone too soon, not filling
  10. 8.
    pros: amazing, has frosting. cons: high calorie, gone too soon, not filling
  11. 7.
    idk I've never had *incredible* waffles (except those mythical cheddar cheese ones) but they're always pretty great
  12. 6.
    this could be higher on the list but isn't a meal on its own
  13. 5.
    these can be so fluffy and fat and unbelievably good
  14. 4.
    french toast
    always amazing. always.
  15. 3.
    biscuits and gravy
    this is so high up bc *even* the continental breakfast ones are wonderful
  16. 2.
    cinnamon rolls
    literally the food of the gods
  17. 1.
    shredded hash browns
    oh my god