1. Earbuds
    Although if one side stops working I'll still be able to use them unlike you
  2. Car radios
    Recently shifted my car stereo sound all the way to the right but some songs just make your head buzz
  3. Cars coming from behind
    Gonna die in traffic since I can't localize sound
  4. Can't sit on anyone's right side
    "What" "what did you say" "sorry what"
  5. Saying "what" gets old quick
    Speaking of accidentally being annoying
  6. Have to sit at the corner of the table in restaurants
    And even though I'm always super conscious of blocking people out of circles, not everyone pays attention to who can't see beyond them leaning their head on both their elbows on the table
  7. Cheap YA character cop-out quirk
    "One time I got sick and lost hearing in my left ear." Doesn't this sound like something an underdeveloped love interest with no real personality would say to make herself sound interesting
  8. On the plus side
    There aren't many pluses BUT I never have an interesting fact about myself for introductions and now that I have a cheap cop-out quirk I can totally use it as my interesting fact