Prose Poem
  1. Heaven is a beach. The water is warm and the sun doesn't burn. We never go inside because every hour of the day is beautiful.
  2. Flowers grow from the water in Heaven, and the tidepools look like gardens. Everywhere there are sunflowers. Heaven is endlessly yellow.
  3. Heaven has all the dogs. We know their names but we don't know how. They lick the salt out of the ocean and chase the seagulls away from our food. They fall asleep in our laps.
  4. There's hot chocolate in Heaven, and cinnamon rolls, and ice cream cones. The dogs can eat these, too.
  5. Heaven is a place without numbers. Nothing is quantifiable. It's inconvenient, but we are happy.
  6. Everybody comes. It's one of the rules. But we are beautiful ghostpeople, and our lives exist only in fuzzy snapshots like memories that turn out to be dreams.
  7. x
    It's impossible for me to believe in Heaven because I refuse to believe in Hell. They seem to come hand-in-hand, and variations of Hell are one of religion's crueler ideas.