1. Summer 2002
    Broken arm from falling off a chair. Didn't even get my mom off the phone for this one so ya girl has always been a badass
  2. Spring 2013
    Mild chemical burns/conjunctivitis in my eyes from working at a pool with a bad air filter. Getting an eyewash is oddly warm and comfortable
  3. Fall 2015
    Broken arm (same bone, same spot) from playing linebacker on a rec dorm flag football team
  4. Winter 2016
    Pink eye; this isn't actually that serious but it seriously cost me some money when I went to Walgreens and replaced ALL my makeup
  5. Summer 2016
    Get ready: mono, meningitis, and encephalitis, all at the same time. In the hospital for a week and came out half deaf. Mostly recovered (:
  6. 60%
    I was telling my friends this week how healthy I normally am but they laughed at me because I had just finished my broken arm story and I'm celebrating my last day of steroids for the deaf thing today