Life with Hearing Aids: Month 1

for ease of understanding, they're called CROS. i have 0% hearing in my left ear and 100% in my right so the hearing aids send sounds from my left into my right ear
  1. still confused by inability to triangulate
    i can't provide the third point of the localization triangle, so i can't tell where anything is coming from. is there traffic? is a bike behind me on the path? where is that strange beeping coming from? is that the dishwasher or a flood?
  2. also can't tell where people who call my name physically are in relation to me
    when someone says "hey katie" i generally make eye contact with 3-5 different (confused) people before finding the one i know
  3. people on my left sound vaguely electronic
    it's like they're talking into one of those happy meal microphones bc they're still a regular volume but suddenly have this robotic undertone
  4. the batteries aren't broken - they just don't work in really loud places
    if i suddenly realize i can't hear people talking, it's 100% of the time bc I'm in a dining hall
  5. itchy!
    it's weird having tiny rubber nubs sticking down your ear canal all the time
  6. listen to Nine in the Afternoon with just the right earbud
    imagine how surprised I was when this came on my running playlist yesterday