I'm in Europe 👍
  1. 4:31
    seven girls rouse themselves from hostel bunk beds, pack up their chargers, braid their hair, and carry 49.9lb suitcases down two flights of stairs
  2. 4:55
    barely fit all twelve suitcases in the bus to the airport. wild rides through skinny empty streets
  3. 5:43
    wait in line for united. we are early but, as in any bureaucracy, they refuse to turn their computers on until 6:01 when their shifts start
  4. 7:25
    having made it through two security checkpoints, customs, and many lines, the group reunites at a cafe for shitty coffee and our last good, non-American scones
  5. 7:54
    airport convenience store suspiciously lacking healthy snacks considering how skinny everyone in Europe is
  6. 9:04
    we're in the lowest boarding groups so we're all playing Plague Inc (goal: infect the world and eradicate humanity) on our phones
  7. 9:50
    take-off! bye li.st
  8. 10:58
    updating this draft to alert the creators of airport meals that maybe roasted spinach isn't the best idea on a flight and also barley is not a vegetable and therefore should not be in my salad
  9. 14:49
    slept more on this flight so far than on every other flight I've ever taken combined
  10. 17:02
    we're estimated to land in a little less than an hour. the tv in my seat is broken so instead of watching a movie I've been writing, productively, and watching my friend play chess against a computer
  11. 11:43 AM
    hello Chicago
  12. 11:53
    flying across time zones sucks because there's an extra meal in the day which is delicious but not a sustainable habit
  13. 12:53
    yeah I'm in my terminal eating make-your-own salad with the two remaining friends from our twelve-person group
  14. 13:13
  15. 15:32
    boarding ⏱ hasn't ⏲ started ⏰ yet 🕰 ???⌛️
  16. 18:03
    landed, t-45 minutes until sleep