A flash flash prose poem to appease my Too Busy To Write guilt
  1. Once upon a time there was a
  2. Zombie with sockets where his
  3. Eyes used to be before they gummed and collapsed
  4. Leaving brown-like-blood down the sides of his face.
  5. The zombie roamed the long-forgotten
  6. Forests where the cities used to be
  7. And apathetically bit the heads from squirrels
  8. Since humans hadn't been seen for decades.
  9. (If zombies could have discourse
  10. Perhaps they'd philosophize the reason
  11. For indefinite immortality once the food source is depleted.)
  12. On a lazy muggy day when even
  13. Bugs seemed a bit undead
  14. The zombie met a mossy friend
  15. With skin like crumbling leather
  16. And a face like fuzzy fungus.
  17. Though he couldn't see her through his sockets
  18. He could feel the sunlight on his exposed skullbones
  19. Warm and scattered to suggest that
  20. She'd stuffed diamonds in her eyes.
  21. He groaned and let a fingerbone
  22. (Its skin as long-gone as the world)
  23. Run over her dozens of cubic zirconia
  24. In hopes that she would understand.
  25. Soon his sockets were holding tiny
  26. Rods like straws like stems
  27. Stems like daisies like violets
  28. And he remembered a time when he could have seen
  29. Her prismatic light illuminate his new boquets
  30. Like a chandelier over a garden
  31. Or fireworks over wallpaper.
  32. When they stayed together for
  33. Indefinite immortality
  34. The zombie knew it was because
  35. The flowers loved the light.