1. Chocolate ice cream is ten times better than vanilla
    But I'll still get that DQ swirl for my aesthetic
  2. Hot pizza > Cold pizza > Reheated pizza
    I'm all about it for a cold next day breakfast tho
  3. Gif isn't pronounced jif
    But I'm glad you love peanut butter so much
  4. POC need explicit representation in popular media
  5. The icing-to-cake ratio on a Gigi's cupcake is perfect
    It's like 1:1 lol I love icing
  6. The public education system is fucked
    We are robots of achievement
  7. Also what's up with sex ed?
    This would be like the first thing I'd fix as president or first lady
  8. Those coke machines that let you select your drink and flavor (like at noodles&co) are bomb af
    Nowhere else can I get a zero cal sprite with cherry flavoring SO GOOD
  9. Panes in windows are ugly
  10. Everyone should be able to run three miles
    Not if you have, like, a medical condition, but in general I think it's a skill
  11. Everyone should also be able to tread water
    "I can't swim" makes me embarrassed for you
  12. Rapunzel, Mulan, and Tiana are the most badass Disney princesses
    And have the most fun movies
  13. Lamborghinis are also ugly
    And like so flat? How do people fit in them?