Inspired by @roaringsoftly
  1. sunflowers growing out of distressed copper tea pots
  2. cheek freckles, one dimple, quirked eyebrow, charming smirk
  3. dogs whose whole bodies wag when they're happy
  4. books with white spines
  5. brunch
  6. bright red six inch louboutins
  7. white t shirts
  8. diamond cartilage piercings
  9. skinny black ties
  10. tiny elephant sculptures
  11. group photos of waffle cones where the girls' nail polish perfectly matches their respective ice cream
  12. cherry grenadine
  13. baseball jerseys (@ cubs)
  14. spoonful of crunchy peanut butter
  15. dream catchers
  16. black mustang convertibles
  17. the font garamond
  18. box braids with little gold jewels
  19. summer thunderstorms
  20. thin sliced green apples with sharp white cheddar and fresh turkey
  21. watching movies in the afternoon
  22. lavender vanilla hand lotion
  23. succulents in birdcages
  24. trichromatic weddings where two of the colors are black and white
  25. love stories with princesses
  26. crepuscular rays
  27. driving fast with loud country music
  28. dark wood floors
  29. rose gold sunglasses
  30. stars
  31. the pet name sunshine for a significant other
  32. acorn squash with brown sugar
  33. long wedding veils
  34. fat round lamps
  35. singing in the shower
  36. golden willow fireworks
  37. ocean waves
  38. fairy lights
  39. chocolate peanut butter cheesecake
  40. playing piano with considerable skill
  41. single-pane windows
  42. boys with broad shoulders, narrow hips, back muscles
  43. cursive in .7 ballpoint pen
  44. family holiday dinners made entirely of appetizers like meatballs and layer dip
  45. daisies
  46. iced lattes
  47. smooth skin
  48. long gold necklaces
  49. white marble
  50. grand staircases
  51. pale pink lipstick
  52. dark dark brown eyes
  53. going to the farmer's market
  54. cheek kisses
  55. rice, black beans, and mozz in artsy bowls on rainy days
  56. driftwood as furniture
  57. sliver moons
  58. fog on water
  59. billowing curtains
  60. quick humor
  61. girls with diamond-lips and smiling eyes
  62. dogs finding a sunbeam in the house and following it all day
  63. holidays where the family lazes, lounges, and graze-eats all week
  64. low beds
  65. thick fruit smoothies in tall glasses with straws and umbrellas
  66. reading each other's poetry aloud at one in the morning
  67. chandeliers
  68. chocolate chip cookie dough
  69. waterfalls
  70. jellyfish
  71. wispy double french braids
  72. riding shotgun
  73. jetskis
  74. heat lightning
  75. iced cinnamon rolls