Inspired by @Bourdain
  1. altered reality / hallucinations / delusions
    in fifth grade DARE a cop told us in passing that someone on acid or lsd or something dug a hook into his eye bc he was convinced there was a worm in there and I never, ever forgot that
  2. fucking bugs
    sub-fears: 1) wasps in general, 2) bugs in food like flies and maggots and ants, 3) cockroaches, 4) anything large, unidentifiable, and mosquito-like
  3. math
  4. someone noticing my hangnails and commenting on them
  5. getting followed
  6. being in a situation where I have to actually administer cpr
  7. being alone in public
    especially in dining halls, classes, parties, and other places where I'll recognize many and know none
  8. being alone in private
    worse because in a restaurant or party you can pretend to text or look for your friends or something, but on your own you are faced with the brutal reality that at this moment in time you have literally no one to talk to / hang out with / cry on
  9. my house burning down
  10. adulthood