A flasher than flash love story
  1. I live in a cave + I burn + I burn
  2. My skin the embers
  3. My scales the flames.
  4. I am scarlet, bright glowing
  5. The shade of the blood of a lamb
  6. But I am fading + starving
  7. Trapped in rock by the rain
  8. A blazing burrow with a sheet for a lid
  9. A blanket, a downpour, impenetrable
  10. Solid like the stone that is my home.
  11. When I know I will die
  12. I wish my heat goodbye
  13. + take off through the rain that will
  14. Extinguish me.
  15. Only in the dry air
  16. Only from the clear sky
  17. Can I see the waterfall
  18. Pouring over my home.
  19. The river above. The river below.
  20. Understanding + smoking
  21. (Not scarlet but black, so black)
  22. I stare at the sky I've never seen
  23. As I have eaten the cave's lambs
  24. Since I shed the shell of my egg.
  25. Between stars like my scales sits
  26. A moon like an eye, wide, open
  27. Bright glowing white in a way
  28. That could wake up my skin
  29. A milk that could recharge a fire
  30. Wash away the muddled ash where
  31. Water clogged shut my scales
  32. + open me up to the burn.
  33. So I take off for the sky
  34. With limited time
  35. + pray that my wings
  36. Not alight but still smoking
  37. Will be able to bring me to you.