it's common knowledge that at the end of the world, you need more shit than you can fit in a backpack. I have chosen my trusty SUV as a home base for any apocalyptic scenario and will fill it with the following necessities.
  1. baseball bat
  2. water filter and purifier
  3. advil
  4. spare clothes
    2 pairs leggings, 1 pair flip flops, 1 pair tennis shoes, 1 pair track shorts, 3 t shirts, a sweatshirt, a lined rain jacket, socks and underthings, a baseball hat
  5. 2 beach towels
    for use as towel, tarp, and blanket
  6. box of nonperishables
    (cereal, protein bars, peanut butter, dried fruit, canned food, pickles, pasta, jerky, soup) and a set of dishes, can opener, silverware, frying pan, rubber spoon
  7. post it notes
  8. all wall socket charging cords
  9. handgun and ammo
    from my neighbor's safe
  10. sunscreen
  11. chapstick
    and hand lotion, soaps, hair elastics, bobby pins, safety pins, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, nail file, tweezers, dry shampoo
  12. an aloe plant
  13. sewing kit
  14. kitchen knives
  15. hiking backpack
    and boots
  16. journals and pens
  17. matches
    and lighters
  18. antiseptic
  19. my top five books
  20. earbuds
  21. manual phone charger
  22. salt and pepper
  23. cough drops
  24. duct tape
  25. multivitamins
  26. family photo
    preferably burned at the edges, taped to the stereo system, and with an accompanying tragic backstory to flesh out my storyline
  27. bandaids and neosporin
  28. atlas
    my mom would be proud that this is on my list
  29. spray paint
    for fun graffiti
  30. dad's classic rock cd collection
  31. various batteries
  32. blank flash drive
  33. business card for my hair salon
    to keep up these highlights
  34. cash and jewelry
  35. valet key to the car
  36. mint chewing gum
  37. wikihow instructions for driving a boat
    so that when I reach the coast in my tricked out SUV, I can steal a boat to escape whatever horrors the end of the world hath wrought upon north america