Inspired by @welchcommaemma
  1. when I was a lifeguard and after a huge storm, my two fave coworkers and I went outside to throw all the chairs out of the pool
  2. whenever I go to the state fair by train and look at butter sculptures and eat fried cookie dough
  3. when I needed a change and dyed my ends pink
  4. actually also whenever my lemonade is pink
  5. when my friend and I trespassed on a spider-infested dock to watch the fireworks our town puts on over the reservoir
  6. when I roadtrip to university tailgates with my dad
  7. when people ask "can I read your poetry"
  8. when I get cute food at food trucks and farmer's markets
  9. when my friends text me in text speak or with emoticons instead of in complete sentences lacking only punctuation
  10. when my mom decided we'd use ball canning jars as cups
  11. when my pants have pockets