I generally get ~3 seasons into a show before I'm tired of it (looking at you, parks&rec) so here are the shows that kept me hooked past my breaking point
  1. The Bachelor
    do you love Drama™ between two dozen beautiful girls and one Remarkably Average man as they talk about how Love can be found on reality television and how sharing your boyfriend with prettier people is hard????? then this is the show for you
  2. The Walking Dead
    To be fair I only got four seasons into this but I really liked all the prison stuff. The one-eyed captain guy was so annoying I quit watching (some storylines just never end) but Love And Zombies are my aesthetic so it was fun til then
  3. New Girl
    My adoration for Schmidt outweighed my annoyance with literally every other character
  4. Survivor
    Tbh it's kinda the same every season but if you just go back and watch the iconic ones, it's more fun. Also my mom is a superfan and television is infinitely more fun with a superfan
  5. That's kinda it
    Someday I swear l will find the show for me (besides the bachelor omg)