Just some musings on cruising into and passing 50.
  1. Changing careers is a real brainfuck
    Remember when you could absorb new stuff like a sponge, without really trying?! That's gone.
  2. Sex drive
    If you're still firing on all cylinders, your partner isn't. Or vice versa. Someone's feeling cheated and someone's feeling pressured.
  3. If you're single - ahem, divorced -
    The opposite sex, in your age group, are not really (not always of course) doing it for you anymore...they seem foreign now. Maybe that's just me.....
  4. The pains
    Things just start to ache, hurt, crack, crunch and generally just get more and more decrepit out of the blue for no discernible reason.
  5. The noises
    You start needing to 'make' noises when doing things that up until now required only silence. Sitting, standing up, bending over, reaching, stretching. It all involves the diaphragm.
  6. Time
    I used to be amazed by statements like, 'Where does the time go?' from my grandparents or parents, and always thought they were just exaggerating. Holy shit! They were right. Weeks and months disappear right before my eyes these days.