1. Green Bay Packers
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    They used to have Brett Favre, they have a cool logo, and they're from Green Bay, which is a really stupid place for a sports franchise, and I like that.
  2. Seattle Seahawks
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    They're the 'local' team, other people like them. And they're pretty good right now, and I'm all about that bandwagon
  3. Dallas Cowboys
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    Vanessa's dad's favourite team, and it's always good to have him on your good side. But... They're the Yankees of football.
  4. Washington Redskins
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    Dallas' biggest rival, and it's always fun to antagonize your girlfriend's dad. Also the honourable Andy Renton likes them
  5. New York Giants
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    They don't seem to ever really suck, and everything about them is visually appealing. Plus they have a Manning