1. Green Bay Packers
    They used to have Brett Favre, they have a cool logo, and they're from Green Bay, which is a really stupid place for a sports franchise, and I like that.
  2. Seattle Seahawks
    They're the 'local' team, other people like them. And they're pretty good right now, and I'm all about that bandwagon
  3. Dallas Cowboys
    Vanessa's dad's favourite team, and it's always good to have him on your good side. But... They're the Yankees of football.
  4. Washington Redskins
    Dallas' biggest rival, and it's always fun to antagonize your girlfriend's dad. Also the honourable Andy Renton likes them
  5. New York Giants
    They don't seem to ever really suck, and everything about them is visually appealing. Plus they have a Manning