Movies I’ll Always Watch if They’re on TV

I've seen all of these a million times.. Yet I will still watch them again if they're on.
  1. Superbad
  2. Miss Congeniality
  3. Ocean's Eleven
  4. Mean Girls
  5. Jurassic Park
  6. Any Harry Potter
    I own the collection on blu-ray.. But still when it's HP weekend you have to watch.
  7. The Holiday
  8. The Town
    For whatever reason, Ben Affleck is so hot in this.
  9. Catch Me If You Can
    Really underrated.
  10. Elf
  11. Baby Mama
  12. Clueless
  13. Wedding Crashers
  14. Pride and Prejudice
    Colin Firth is way better as Mr. Darcy though.
  15. Mrs. Doubtfire