I have been dyeing my hair since I have been 16. Thirty years (do the math) and I am toying with not doing it anymore. Open to suggestions on this one.
  1. I dye it at home and it's messy.
    I dread doing it and I wind up getting it on things I don't want the dye on.
  2. Salons are expensive, not something I want to spend my money on.
  3. Silver is nice, why am I fighting it?
  4. Why do people fight aging?
    Why not age gracefully? Why is there an expectation to look like I am in my twenties when I am not?
  5. Be a trendsetter.
    My friends are considering it too, they are scared to jump in. What if we banded together and did this?
  6. Rock it and make silver hair super cute!
  7. Be real and comfortable in my skin.
    Isn't that the great thing about getting older and wiser?
  8. Stand out and be different.
    Ok, this is happening. Watch out world!