1. Coffee mug that is good to drink out of.
    Some mugs are more enjoyable then others. Maybe you have many but there is one that you gravitate towards.
  2. There is a quote on a bag that cracks me up. "Namaste bitches."
    I do yoga only at home because snooty yoga people piss me off. So I really like that quote. Maybe on a mug?
  3. I like awkward looking dogs.
    I just do. Calendar, magnets etc.
  4. A pot holder because mine are very crappy.
  5. I like pens and office supplies.
    I don't know, if it is not homemade maybe that is easier.
  6. Note pads.
    To scribble notes on so I don't forget things
  7. Read my lists and surprise me.
  8. It's the thought that counts. 🤓
  9. Adding based on others lists. Your favorite book. I love reading.