I can imagine the eye rolls from my kids now 🙄
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    My iPad. I 💞my iPad.
    I know I should only love people and animals but I can't help myself.
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    I just created an event on my google calendar from an email reminder
    I just clicked on the date and time in my email and poof it's one calendar!
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    Depositing checks to my bank account with my phone
    I still remember being in college when ATMs were introduced. My dad was very apprehensive about his idea.
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    Wireless printers
    Just life changing
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    My printer knows when it is out of ink and it gets delivered
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    GPS on my phone 😘😍❤️
    I have a terrible sense of direction and feel anxious about driving to new places. This has saved my ass and sanity many times.
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    How did we schlep through life with encyclopedias?
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    I try to explain to my kids that if you missed a show or movie it was too bad so sad. If dad (pop pop) wanted to watch something you were denied!
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    App that synchs between my laptop, iPad, and iPhone. I can create lists, tasks with categories and tasks. I wish I could mind map with it as well.
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    I will add to this list or take suggestions