I have a Fitbit and talked people at work into getting them. Roughly seven people at this point since February. I did not realize how crazy and competitive they are.
  1. Crap I got invited to another challenge.
    Put phone down and roll eyes.
  2. Okay, I'll join. I don't want to put pressure on myself with doing this. I won't compete with them or worry about what others are doing.
  3. Today I will run five miles. Wait, maybe seven to get more steps.
  4. Seriously, how did that bitch get 28,000 steps in today?
  5. I am only behind by 500 steps, I should do more. I am tired and want to sleep. I choose sleep.
  6. What the hell, did they march around at 11:30 last night? I hate them!!!!
  7. Ok, so I didn't win. Let's check the sleep goals losers. You are all type A and can't sleep at night!
    During one challenge I did put in a message letting them know I met my sleep and water goals for the week. I know really immature! 😈
  8. I am not joining the challenge next week!