1. Who the hell has legs this long?
  2. Who do they make these clothes for?
  3. Will this give me angry red lines?
    Angry red lines are when seams are pressed into your skin from tight clothing and leave marks or angry red lines.
  4. Will I get sent home for wearing this to work? (Inside joke)
    Banking industry, 1997, wore a very nice pant suit to work. It did not say in the handbook pant suits for women were not allowed, but I should have known. Remember ladies, "women in pants don't advance".
  5. Will I be too cold in this?
  6. Will I be too hot and feel sweaty and disheveled?
  7. Will this irritate me during the day and encourage peevish behavior in meetings?
    This also could make for a fun interesting day.
  8. Why aren't my legs longer?