My thoughts for what it's worth.
  1. Every person (child) deserves love because they exist.
    Not if they get good grades, are good at sports, do things to make you happy
  2. What one child responds to may not work for another.
    Be consistent, fair, yet flexible
  3. You are living your life, let them live theirs.
    If you were a legendary soccer player and they hate sports and want to play the tuba in the marching band learn to love bands and music.
  4. Do not be a dream crusher.
    If they want to be a dancer, super hero, president etc. let them pursue their dreams. Career advice to give: be happy, be able to support yourself, do not do anything that is illegal, immoral, or unethical
  5. Parenting is not a competition
    Don't worry about what other parents do, worry about parenting your own kids.
  6. Let them scrape their knees and eat dirt
    Let them fight their own battles. Give advice if they ask. You can't fix or protect them from everything, but you can be there when they come back from battle.
  7. Give them your attention
    Listen, do not offer your words of wisdom unless asked. Do not get over excited if they do ask.
  8. Do not be so judgey
    Remember being their age and how things feel. If they tell you high school sucks, no one likes them and so on. Ask why and listen. You know what, sometimes life is hard and people suck. I am really sorry that is happening. There is life after high school and it keeps getting better. I love you.
  9. Do not be so judgey part 2
    Did your parents like your music, fashion, or slang? Exactly. Give things a chance you might be surprised. If you do this and then need to overrule a song, outfit, or other choice that will be an easier conversation
  10. Teach life skills
    You are responsible for your grades, turning in homework, getting up on time, your attitude. Budgeting is basic math, you need to earn money for discretionary purchases. Unfortunately everyone is not going to like you and that's ok. (Although clearly they are stupid).
  11. I am your parent and not your friend.
    I love you and I will make decisions on your behalf that you will not always like. You may not like me at times. I may not like your behavior at times. I may get frustrated with you, but I always love you nothing will change that. Do not worry if they like you because that is not your job.
  12. You will learn more from them then they will from you
    Seriously, hopefully this takes the pressure off you because you don't have all the answers