Hopefully by posting 'em on a social media app I'll be more accountable. I'm really into resolutions and I'm decently good at sticking to them.
  1. Save money
    I'm in hella debt but keep spending so
  2. Limit self to 40 minutes of Netflix per day
  3. Drink at least two bottles of water every day
    I have a water bottle, don't get upset
  4. Put more effort into myself
    I deserve it
  5. Eat a salad as a meal at least 5x per week
  6. Sweat every day
  7. Sit up straight
  8. Do what makes you happy
    This year has been a struggle over what I want to do and what I should probably do to help myself in the future. This coming year is probably going to be even more of that- I want to make sure I choose things for me now and live a little. I get that planning for the future is important but I tend to live my life like that and not really ever enjoy the fruits of my labour, so to speak.
  9. Bring it on, 2016