I had questionable tastes when I was young. Thank goodness I've grown out of that.
  1. Dude in second grade who's name was Spencer?
    Adam? John? Anyways he had a rat tail
  2. Nick Carter
    He was in his prime with that bowl-cut
  3. My summer camp counsellor, Mike
    He turned out to be super weird later in life
  4. Guy in my fifth grade class named Cameron
    He spat on my backpack once though, like a real big lougie, and I immediately stopped liking him
  5. The love interest in Sarah Dessen's book "the truth about forever"
    His name is Wes and his description was pretty
  6. The anime character Inuyasha
    Idk, don't ask me about this one
  7. Aladdin
    The most attractive of the Disney princes (until the one from Princess and the Frog came along)