what I'm trying to get at is that there's no excuse for not dressing up on this magical night
  1. Francine Frenski
    Just a red sweater and some jeans, you probably have this in your closet right now
  2. D. W. Read
    A white long sleeve shirt and a pink overall dress. This one may pose some challenges if you're over the age of six
  3. The galaxy
    Galaxy print leggings. Galaxy print shirt. I'm sure you were wondering what to do with all of your galaxy print now that the trend has been run into the ground
  4. Zayn Malik
    If you're brown, all you have to do is throw on a leather jacket, some black jeans, draw on some tattoos with sharpie and look pensive
  5. Vincent van Ho
    self explanatory. the missing ear is perhaps an unwelcome hurdle
  6. Edgar Allen Ho
    Know a taxidermist? This is perfect for you then (just make sure it's a raven and not any old bird that you request)