1. Views from the 6ix
    I know it hasn't come out yet but I think the anticipation makes it the best one.
  2. If You're Reading This It's Too Late
    I love this mixtape so so so much
  3. Meek Mill diss tracks
    I'm including these because the back to back freestyle track was amazing
  4. Take Care
    Sad, emotional Drake who touched all of our hearts makes for a gr8 album
  5. What a Time to be Alive
    Solid mixtape, esp Big Rings
  6. Nothing was the Same
    Good album, but put this far down on the list because Stared From the Bottom was made very annoying very quickly for me
  7. Thank Me Later
    Good, not his best, also I didn't really listen to Drake that much in the years around this album so
  8. So Far Gone
    His breakout EP but again, didn't really listen to Drake until much later, and so didn't form any strong attachments to this
  9. Comeback Season and Room for Improvement are irrelevant to me