I am an absolutely terrible person
  1. Ruin movies
    One summer, right after How to Train Your Dragon 2 came out, TWO separate little girls spoiled the ending for me
  2. Get hurt, but not badly enough to actually be in pain/cry, and proceed to say "ow" at regular intervals until you ask what's wrong
    ATTENTION SEEKERS. Sometimes I play a game with myself and see how long I can ignore them
  3. Pull on your arm to try and get your attention
    This is especially annoying if you're already talking to someone. Just say my name and then wait your fucking turn.
  4. Interrupt you with "Oh I know that!" When you're explaining a concept they clearly have never heard before
    I'm smarter than you. Shut up.
  5. Ask if they can have a drawing you've been working really hard on
    No, I was planning to put this up in my room.