It will be the death of me
  1. We begin with 2010
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    Here we have little tiny Styles, auditioning for the X Factor, the world's first glimpse of the beautiful and wildly goofy human we would quickly come to adore. His jawline, while respectable, is still clinging to the mid-teen chub and has not yet begun to transition into the chiseled, swoon-worthy feature we know today.
  2. Front view, 2010
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  3. Next, 2011
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    2011 is a great year for Harry- his group has exploded and One Direction Infection has truly reached pandemic levels. We see Harry try to experiment with his classic shag of a hairstyle as he is increasingly in the public eye, quickly deciding that it's best to stick to what he knows. His jawline starts to sharpen too, as his smile creeps its way into our collective hearts.
  4. Front view, 2011
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  5. One more from 2011
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  6. 2012
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    Ahhhh, 2012 Harry- the year that he turns 18 and it becomes acceptable for the over 20's of the world to fantasize about this little cutlet. I think this is the year he also climbed to the top of my 1D ranking, with his beautiful dimples and cheeky attitude. Jawline game getting sharp and chiselled- this is the year we start to notice Harry Styles, The Man.
  7. Another from the side ft. gorgeous dimples, 2012
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    Look at that obtusely-angled jaw
  8. One from the front, 2012
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  9. One more for good measure, 2012
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  10. 2013
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    19 year old Harry Styles is starting to develop his Mick Jagger-esque style- growing out that head of hair, adding head scarves to his look and undoing at least three buttons on every shirt, showing off those swallow tattoos. This is a beautiful time for Harry and for the rest of the world as he becomes more and more comfortable with his newfound look. His jaw doesn't suffer either, but also seems to stagnate for the time being.
  11. Right side of jaw, 2013
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  12. 2014
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    Helloooooo Harry. 2014 was brilliant to you- getting more set in your style and perfecting that pretty pout. I swoon for 2014 Harry Styles. In fact, I would still be swooning for 2014 Harry Styles had 2015 Harry Styles not come along and stolen my heart. Jawline here is impeccable, perfection. At least, at that moment in history. I (and the world) was not prepared for what came next.
  13. 2014 again
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  14. 2015
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    Here it comes
  15. LOOK
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  16. AT
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  17. THIS
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  19. BOY'S
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  20. DAMN
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  22. HOLY
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  23. SHIT
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