1. Heartbreak isn't linear
    You won't go through stages nicely, and there will be a lot of back and forth between hurt and anger and denial
  2. Love is sufficient but not necessary for heartbreak
    Heartbreak when there was love involved is devastating but you will still ache even if it was a five-month casual arrangement
  3. Fear of being lonely isn't a good reason to get back together with someone
  4. The first cut isn't the deepest
    But it will feel especially bad because you've never experienced this type of hurt before
  5. Post break-up coffee isn't always a bad thing
    Between two reasonable people it can actually be a really great way to get closure
  6. If he says he wants to be friends, leave the ball in his court
    And act like the door is closed forever unless he initiates, otherwise you will hold on too hard and ruin a good ending
  7. You will get through it
    You will surround yourself with friends and family and realize that people experience heartbreak all the time. The relationship wasn't meant to be and you will find someone who is a much better match- even if it takes a few more stumbles to get it right.