this is a list of the last 4 phone calls I have made or received
  1. Grammia
    I called my grandma to check in on her. She was sick. I heard she was doing better. Had to verify. She didn't answer though. Status: pending
  2. Dad
    My dad called me because his friend at work had a seizure. Wanted to know what I could tell him about seizures to reassure friend. Not much. Status: googling "seizure"
  3. Mommadoodle
    Mom called. She was late for work. Heard the graduation song on the radio and started crying. So she called me. Status: resolved
  4. Walmart Pharmacy
    Needed to refill a prescription. Pressed "3" three times to get an earlier pick-up time. Currently between pick-up times 2 and 3. Status: lying on the floor watching soap operas. Could have kept the original pick-up time.