Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

this is a list of all the screenshots I have on my phone. with explanations.
  1. Wreath
    Saw this on instagram. Wanted to recreate in.
  2. Recipe
    Wanted to make this for dinner.
  3. Ingredients
    Because I couldn't fit them on the same page with the recipe.
  4. Headshot
    A few weeks back I was applying to be an extra in a Matt Damon movie filming in town. They needed a headshot. Naturally, I already had one done. But it was at home on a CD-ROM (archaic) and I was not. So I pulled it up online and took a screenshot. Didn't get a callback.
  5. Ultrasound Findings Consistent with Pregnancy Viability
    Because I've been asked about this one too many times and I never seem to have the answer.
  6. Husband waving in front of TV while doing laundry
    I was out of the country during the Superbowl. Husband was kind enough to Skype me in and set up his phone to watch the game on tv. He waved to me before heading downstairs to grab his laundry.