everyone's doing it, so...! some big ones and some little ones.
  1. find more everyday joy
    take a minute to appreciate things that are good and let go of things that aren't.
  2. make homemade pasta
    just once! just to try!
  3. exercise on a regular basis
    it helps alleviate so many of my daily issues. I know this, and yet don't make it a priority.
  4. get dressed every day for work
    even though I work from home, putting on a nice pair of leggings and a real bra help me focus and feel prepared
  5. lose the 30ish pounds I keep talking about losing
    keep working with a nutritionist, eat more greens, drink less beer. so simple! this is something I always think about, and I'd hate to let another year pass without making it happen. I need to give myself permission to do it.
  6. plan a beach vacation
    preferably outside the country, for 2018! this year will be full of family-related travel, but I can plan something for later that's a little more exotic.
  7. grow my hair out longggg
    it's currently the longest it's been in years... don't give in to the boredom and cut it off again!
  8. save money
    for a house! for a wedding! for any of the things (emergency or exciting) that could feasible happen in the next five years.
  9. keep up my skincare habits
    this year I've been all about skincare over makeup, and it's really amazing!
  10. get out of the house more, either to work or to play
    I spend a LOT of time at home, and I feel so much happier when I take the dog to the park, or even run errands.