1. France
    Eating dinner with my host parents, especially smoked salmon and curried rice (with snifters of vodka) before choir rehearsal on Mondays. Skipping class to have a beer at the Irish pub near my apartment. Drunk cigarettes outside that basement bar. Eating speculoos on a fresh baguette and calling it lunch.
  2. Scotland
    Having shepherd's pie at the cafe where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, and crying about all of the positive graffiti people had written to her on the restroom stall. Seeing the gritty side of Glasgow and realizing that I needed to leave Portland after graduation for something bigger.
  3. Hungary
    Sitting along the wall at that ruin bar on Christmas Eve, and helping you finish your bottle of champagne. Going back to your very beautiful, exceedingly grown-up apartment and being asked for what I want. Being taken to McDo and then back to the hostel, with promises (kept) to finish work as soon as you could and come meet me. Necking champagne as the boat went under bridges. When those Italian guys showed up, and you (obviously) crossed the entire bar to come engage me. Jaeger trains.
  4. Germany
    Stopping at the corner store for cigarettes (Gauloises) and beer (the cheapest one) and having to walk our bikes across the bridge because my chain was loose. Stopping at the top of the bridge to drink the beer, and wanting you to kiss me so badly. Throwing our empty cans in the water and heading back to Strasbourg to take the tram home (so disappointed).
  5. Canada
    Visiting Niagara (Canadian side) and - even through my poncho - getting absolutely SOAKED while standing on the ledges.