this is my 10th year of work - so nuts!
  1. Doughnut line cook
    In middle and high school, I worked at a cider mill in Michigan, making doughnuts and apple pastries. This was the best. job. ever.
  2. Receptionist
    In high school, I worked every day after school as a mini-receptionist at my town's only dental office. This was super low-key, and I loved everyone there - the hygienists brought in tons of baked goods, and were generally sweet people.
  3. Program Assistant
    My ongoing college job was at the graduate campus of my small liberal arts school - I generally assisted with admin work and filing. Boring, but easy, and I had time to do homework!
  4. Resident Assistant
    Being an RA is one of the things that's fundamentally affected my personality. I am a more empathetic, capable human being because of this job.
  5. Career Development Intern
    This was one of my jobs senior year of college; I split my time between planning and marketing career events to my peers and career counseling other students. A total dream job for a senior who was job searching herself - I am 100% convinced this job is the reason for my (relative) professional success!
  6. Program Assistant
    Right when I graduated, I moved to New York. For the first 8 weeks that I lived there, I was a temp at Columbia's school of international politics, where I put organized computer files. This job was so boring that they were shocked I made it 8 weeks! At least it was part time, so I spent half my days tooling around Harlem and figuring out the big city.
  7. Leader and Teacher Development Coordinator
    Post-Columbia, I worked at a large charter school network in the city, planning events and coordinating professional development for principals and teachers. This has been my hardest job to date, but also the most rewarding - I worked plenty of long days, and managed 17 interns my first year, but it grew me at an incredible rate, and taught me what my strengths are.