I just moved to San Diego from New York, and While there things I don't miss even one bit (see: future list), there are things I'm homesick for!
  1. friends
    making friends as an adult in the city is excruciating - once you've fought tooth and nail for a tribe, giving them up is really hard.
  2. bacon, egg, and cheese sandwhiches
    this is what god intended breakfast to be: extreme ease of acquisition correlates with high deliciousness factor to produce this miracle
  3. feeling like I'm at the center of the universe
    everything happens in new york, from raindrop cake to being able to casually see shows by really famous folks. leaving the cultural and zeitgeist-y capital of the world makes you feel less important.
  4. access to literally anything humans (at least, humans who share my belief that booze and food are top priorities) could ever want - DELIVERED TO YOUR GODDAMN DOORSTEP.
    having levain cookies delivered by postmates is truly the pinnacle of earthly happiness.
  5. the tall buildings! the rent prices (even higher!)!
    keep ya humble.