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By @schwalove and @courteousflush
  1. Half eaten food
  2. Bloodied mouse
  3. Cat hair on your toothbrush
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  1. Etcetera
  2. Miscellanities
  3. Curiosities
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Staring out my front door after having been awake well past my bed time. I tend to be in bed several hours before sunrise these days.
  1. There’s tiny Power Rangers walking around. Weird.
  2. Why is tiny Batman patrolling my neighborhood?
  3. That kid looks like a dinosaur! What is happening?
  4. Oh.
  1. Lost
  2. Gilligan’s Island
  3. Survivor
    I’m sure at least one of these is going to have helpful advice, right?
Some nicknames I have had through my life, many based off my short stature in grade school, or my last name.
  1. Snicklefritz
    One my parents called me when I was wee.
  2. Skeeterboom
    Another one from my parents. I should ask them where these came from.
  3. Shrimp
    I was short on first grade! Ha ha!
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  1. Habits
    I think it can be safely assumed due to the knowledge that Phil acquired that he had been stuck on February 2 for decades. How long did he have a routine down of saving the kid who fell out of a tree, rescuing the mayor, replacing the elderly woman’s flat tire, etc? Habits are hard to break. On February 3, does he constantly feel like he has duties to perform that weren’t getting done? How long does this feeling last? Weeks? Years?
  2. Dreams
    What were Phil Connors dreams like? Did he wake up in the middle of the same dream every morning? Did he start new ones when he fell asleep, and the new day technically started at exactly 6:00am when the clock radio went off? Did previous night dreams bleed into the one he had that morning, every morning, so it acted as a bridge from the previous day into repeats?
  3. Familiarity
    Phil knows everyone and many locations in this town intimately. Will he be afraid to leave the city and deal with strangers and ambiguity for the first time in decades? How can one cope with external change when there hasn’t been any for a long time? The only change he has experienced has been internal.
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  1. Please insert twenty-five cents to continue
  2. If you can read this, get the hell off, you’re standing on my face and it’s disrespectful
  3. Never got over missing out on prom night
  1. Want to feel old? When Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers premiered, you weren’t as concerned about the threat of heart disease.
  2. Want to feel old? Take stock of every ache and pain in your body, and complain about them to younger relatives.
  3. Want to feel old? As you read this third bullet point, more of your life flew by, never to return.
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