Let’s face it, complaining about Comic Sans is like marveling at bacon. It is hack, it has been driven into the ground, yet I am sure we’ll all still do it (myself included) twenty years from now. Anyway, here are some fonts that are also awful. Some not necessarily for their design, but their unearned ubiquity.
  1. Papyrus
    More scented candles, m’lady?
  2. Birth of a Hero
    Check out my 2004 indie band this Friday!
  3. Bleeding Cowboys
    Check out my 2004 hardcore punk band this Friday!
  4. Gill Sans
    Actually a fine typeface, designed to resemble London Underground signage. Eric Gill himself was a rather disgusting, problematic individual, and I’m one of those people who doesn’t separate art from artist just so I can say nice things about Roman Polanski on talk shows. Gross.
  5. Baskerville
    Haha, here I’m just trolling the ghost of Benjamin Franklin. ’Tis a fine font.
  6. Arial
  7. Hobo
    I don’t know if the capital O looks more like a toilet seat or a urinal. WATCH OUT… THIS KITTEN HAS CLAWS!