1. Habits
    I think it can be safely assumed due to the knowledge that Phil acquired that he had been stuck on February 2 for decades. How long did he have a routine down of saving the kid who fell out of a tree, rescuing the mayor, replacing the elderly woman’s flat tire, etc? Habits are hard to break. On February 3, does he constantly feel like he has duties to perform that weren’t getting done? How long does this feeling last? Weeks? Years?
  2. Dreams
    What were Phil Connors dreams like? Did he wake up in the middle of the same dream every morning? Did he start new ones when he fell asleep, and the new day technically started at exactly 6:00am when the clock radio went off? Did previous night dreams bleed into the one he had that morning, every morning, so it acted as a bridge from the previous day into repeats?
  3. Familiarity
    Phil knows everyone and many locations in this town intimately. Will he be afraid to leave the city and deal with strangers and ambiguity for the first time in decades? How can one cope with external change when there hasn’t been any for a long time? The only change he has experienced has been internal.
  4. Disturbing Initimacy
    On the same topic, if Phil does stick around, it may become apparent to those around him that he knows way too much about people who were strangers on February 1. Will he appear to be some sort of psychic wizard, or a man who has a vast spy network? Will he be revered or feared for this?
  5. Waste Processing
    Is it fair to assume that having the exact same bowel movement (weight, duration, consistency, odor, grunts, etc) at the same time every day will drive a man past the brink of sanity? How about when it changes for the first time in decades?
  6. Reacquainting
    It may be safe to assume that Phil is rather friendless outside of Punxatawney, considering his disposition at the beginning of the film. But he must have family. Ned Ryerson mentions Phil has a sister at one point. What will it be like for him seeing family, friends, and cow-orkers for the first time in decades? Sure, they may have seen him last week, but for him it’s been ages.
  7. Reacquainting (continued)
    Will every meeting be a tearful reunion on his part that causes everyone to question his emotional well-being? Keep in mind, he went from being a dick to a really nice giving person over the course of a day. How long before those around him start politely recommending he see a doctor?
  8. Financial Disclosure
    And most important of all, will Phil remember to cancel all that insurance he promised to purchase from Ned Ryerson, or will he go through with it? Does Phil have any money left after buying piano lessons, Wrestlemania tickets, sunglasses, and who knows what else? (The sunglasses is an assumption on my part, as we only see him wear them on the final February 2. And to be fair, they probably didn’t cost that much.)