We've all done em!!
  1. When you answer the phone at home like you answer the phone at work
  2. When you are looking for your sunglasses and they are on your face
  3. When you get some soap from the dispenser at the gym but it's the mouthwash
  4. When someone asks you "what's up" and you say "fine"
  5. When you wave at a person you know but it's actually a total stranger
  6. When you set your alarm for "PM" instead of "AM"
  7. When you ask a pregnant lady if she's having a boy or a girl and she replies "I'm not pregnant"
  8. When you are picking your nose in the car and make eye contact with the person in the car next to you
  9. When you ask any exotic person where they are "from"
  10. When you fart in an empty room and someone walks in immediately afterwards
  11. BONUS: when you murder someone and forget to wipe your prints off the gun