Donald Trump's approach to the refugee crisis can be found here:
  1. A very nice 9-hole golf course, landscaping provided by Mexican migrants (the good ones, and there are many, don't worry)
  2. Tastefully-adorned bistro with some decent chefs, a bunch of "really fantastic guys"
  3. Put in a gorgeous casino, Trump has a very long and successful track record running casinos, you can read his book
  4. Just ask anyone, no one will say no to a gilded log cabin
  5. A winning 50-story skyscraper, so amazing the refugees will get sick of winning skyscrapers by the time they find a new home
  6. Outdoor shopping mall, just talk to Ivanka for two minutes and you'll understand that she has a knack for retail
  7. Come on, use some common sense and put in some green space, it doesn't take a genius
  8. What about an amusement park? These people have nothing, give them some amusement for crying out loud
  9. Get some beautiful women down there, have them hand out water and clothing, everyone loves a beautiful woman
  10. If all else fails, put some American ingenuity to the problem, we'll get it figured out