1. Tilda Swinton ordering a pizza while receiving cunnilingus
  2. Sarah Palin explaining string theory, also while receiving cunnilingus
  3. Bill Cosby pitching his biopic to Lifetime
  4. Robert De Niro in a spelling bee
  5. Barack Obama having phone sex with Hillary Clinton from the rest room on Air Force One
  6. Woody Allen on a roller coaster
  7. Christopher Walken calling customer service to complain about the odor in his rental car
  8. Robin Williams and Steve Irwin comparing afterlife experiences (2-for-1)
  9. Flavor Flav heartfelt YouTube confession during which he cries multiple times
  10. R. Lee Ermey doing the "Always Be Closing" monologue while having his back shaved
  11. Jack Nicholson participating in a focus group
  12. Samuel L. Jackson giving constructive feedback to his cleaning lady while wearing only a towel
  13. Donald Trump detailing the merits of working hard to an audience of Holocaust survivors
  14. Jerry Seinfeld doing Hamlet